Vacation Necessities

When going on a vacation, most people line up things like flights, car rentals, hotels, house-sitters, and/or pet-sitters. For those who have kids, you either take them with you or line up a sitter for them too. What do you normally line up when you take a vacation?

For me, it’s usually all of the above. This week, however, we’re roughing it–sort of. This week, we’re taking the bourbon trail through Kentucky! To not limit our time this week, my husband and I have opted to not make any set reservations. We’ve decided on a road trip for this particular vacation; so we don’t need to worry about flight tickets or booking a car, which makes it easier.

We’ve lined up a sitter for the dogs, who happens to also be taking care of the house. Yes! Another 2 parts checked off the list. No kids, or they’d be staying at the house with the dogs and the sitter. Perfect, right?

Right! Except, now we need to figure out what all to make sure to have ahead of time, for the car ride. Some of it’s obvious, like clothes and toiletries for the trip. Some of it has to be a little more planned for. Packing a cooler with water, energy drinks, finding places to stop for coffee along the way, and of course having plenty of snacks!

Now it’s time to load everything into the back, gas up the car and get the GPS set! Off to get some bourbon we go!


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