Hello Anxiety!

With various websites for diagnosing symptoms, we, the people of the internet, are turning into hypochondriacs.

Did you know looking up the smallest symptoms from coughing and sneezing to nausea and headaches can suggest the strangest and scariest diseases/problems? Any weird combination tells you about cancers, flu, anxiety, or high-risk pregnancy. If you don’t believe me, try it yourself-just go to Google and type in your symptoms.
Being the concerned, anxious woman I am, I’m constantly looking up why something may feel off. Why do I have a pain in my lower abdomen? Why are my veins sticking out so much? Why am I this worried about it all? Many of my recent searches have brought up anxiety as a possible diagnosis.

While being a bit skeptical about the self diagnosis, I decided to look into anxiety attacks and the common symptoms of people with anxiety. Upon my search, I came across a website with a plethora of information on the topic. Throughout my venture of the various pages, I found many of the symptoms I experience during trying times. Seriously, do you ever just want to run away and bury yourself in a hole, where nobody can bother you? I have those days. I hide it pretty well, but some days I just go in the bathroom, cry a few tears and pull myself back together. I know I’m not the only one, but it’s hard to put it out there. I’m also an introvert, which makes seeking help a bit more difficult.

The other day, I had a really bad (still self-diagnosed) panic attack. I informed my boss, who initially smirked and asked if I had just had too much coffee. No, I’m seriously freaking out even though I know I’m fine and there’s nothing wrong. After seeing me physically shaking and twitching, my boss asked me if I was really okay, and if there was anything she could do for me. Of course, my answer was “I don’t know.” Telling her what was happening helped, and having her ask what she could do to help was even more comforting. After about 15 minutes, my heart rate went back to normal and I was able to catch my breath and calm down. My hands stopped shaking, and I didn’t want to scream anymore. What triggered this attack, you ask? Oh, just a long list of tasks I had to complete in a matter of 30 minutes before opening the doors to the public for the day. It was a long list, but the tasks weren’t that difficult. I was able to fight my demons and get everything finished in time. Thanks to my boss for checking on me and helping me to calm down!


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